First edition of DIKTAT with Die Weisse Rose and :Of The Wand & The Moon: !

23rd October at Grind House - ARCI CLUB in Padua will be the first edition of DIKTAT, a new musical and artistic format which promotes the industrial and neofolk scene.

On stage will play two important bands: DIE WEISSE ROSE and Kim Larsen's project :Of The Wand & The Moon:!
More info at this link!

IANVA at work... FINALLY!

IANVA is a dark cabaret project from Genoa, well-known for its melodramatic/noir atmosphere for themes leaded to D'Annunzio and the first period of Twentieth Century.

The band released three albums in their career and now through their Facebook page we know that they are actually at work with a new release, hoping as beautiful as the last ones.

More info from the band comin' soon...

Coming back of Hades Almighty with their first EP!

After publishing two albums and changing the former vocalist of Hades, Janto Garmanslund with Ask Ty from Kampfar and Krakòw, Norwegians Hades Almighty return in scene with their first EP Pyre Era, Black! which will come out by Dark Essence Records the 23rd October!

Below you got the tracklist of this new release:

1. Pyre Era, Black!
2. Funeral Storm
3. Bound


UPCOMING GENOCIDES: three concerts, one word ---> EXTREME!

Sign these upcoming events on your calendars, 'cause they will drag you into the pits of mosh this week!

- 2-3 October: BREATH FEST III, two days of pure hardcore with Kontatto, No White Rag and many others... at ZK Squat, in Ostia.

- 3 October: SOUL S CHAIN + Schwarz Pest + Across the Swarm at Daevacian, Turin.
Event at this link!

And last, but not least, first to begin their South American tour, Cripple Bastards will play for two dates at Cycle Club, Calenzano in Florence the 3rd October, and at "Alice nella Città" in Castelleone, Cremona Saturday 10th!

The two flyers are below:


Worship's new album will be released in November!

Funeral doom metal band Worship will publish a brand new album called Dusk of Legion, Morning of One by Weird Truth Productions in digipak edition, instead in CD, K7 and douple vinyl version by Endzeit Elegies

The album is set for November. Artwork and tracklist below:

1. Dusk (Intro)
2. Weight of a Fallen World
3. Core of Shadows
4. The Promised Wastelands
5. Garden of Undoing
6. Morning of One

MONO + The Ocean = a new EP coming soon... A first preview on streaming!

The Japan project MONO and the American The Ocean will release a split EP called Transcendental which will come out by Pelagic Records the 23rd October!

You can watch the teaser below:

Invoker posted a new track from their upcoming album Aeon!

Invoker is a black/death metal band from Germany which will release its second album, Aeon, by Non Serviam Records the 30th October.

While you're contemplating the beautiful artwork of Chris Kiesling/Misantrophic-Art, on Youtube is possible to listen to their new track Secrets of Seed.


A first preview of Selvan's debut album is on streaming!

Now it's possible to listen to the first track O Clitumne! from Selvan's debut album, Lupercaliaat this link! 

We would like to remember you that the album will be released by the Italian label Avantgarde Music the 19th October!

Mortiis will come back with the new album "The Great Deceiver"! A first video clip is available!

It passed five years after Mortiis last release Perfectly Defect, and now our prince of darkness and his industrial project will return in scene with a brand new album, The Great Deceiver, which will be published by Omnipresence the end of January of next year!

Until the album doesn't take the light, you can watch the video of the track Doppelganger below:


The 3rd Attempt streams a new lyric video!

The 3rd Attempt is a black metal project found by two former members of Carpathian Forest - Blood Pervertor and Tchort, who has recently released the debut album Born in Thorns by Dark Essence Records.

The band streams also a lyric video for the track Sons Of the Winter - visible below and, last but not least, will play some gigs with Taake and Orkan during the European Tour, except for Italy. 

Deafheaven's new album is streaming on its entirety...

Our hipst... atmospheric/post-black metal friends Deafheaven have recently streamed in its entirety their latest album New Bermuda, which is possible to listen at this link on .

I would like to remember you that the album will be released by Anti Records the 2nd October.


Shining from Norway stream the video of the new track "Last Day"!

Norwegian avantgarde project Shining will publish its new album International Blackjazz Society the 23th October by Spinefarm Records.

You can listen the track Last Day below:

Moreover, don't forget that the band will play in Italy for two dates at Locomotiv Club in Bologna, and at Lo-Fi Club in Milan - all details at this link.

Two previews of Kroda's new release are available!

Kroda is an Ukrainian pagan/black metal band which published its sixth album GinnungaGap GinnungaGaldr GinnungaKaos the 1st May of this year.

Now the band will release a concept album entitled Навій Схрон/Naviy Skhron, which will feature six tracks of ambient/pagan folk music, created with the collaboration of the musician/keyboardist Clin from Reusmarkt, and three parts of classic black metal, one of them is the cover of Nokturnal Mortum's Under the Banners of the Horned Knjaz.

The album will take the light by Purity Through Fire between the end of October and the beginning of November, meanwhile you can listen two previews below:

Today is the day: BRIXIA DEATH FEST will destroy Brescia tonight!

Tonight prepare yourselves for the second edition of BRIXIA DEATH FEST, one of the most brutal, extreme and long-awaited event which will take place at Circolo Colony, Brescia!

Well, below you have the running order and the names of the bands who will play at the two events, among of them Slaughtbbath, AosothAvulsed and Dead Congregation!

RUNNING ORDER-friday 25th:

-18.30: VIOLENTOR (Italia/Speed Metal)
-19.15: TURBOCHARGED (Svezia/Death-Punk)
-20.00: RITUALIZATION (Francia/fast Death-Black Metal)
-21.00: SLAUGHTBBATH (Cile/Black-Death Metal)
-22.00: DIABOLICAL MESSIAH (Cile/Black-Death Metal)
-23.00: DETERIOROT (USA/Death Metal legends)
-00.00: ATOMIC AGGRESSOR (Cile/Thrash-Death Metal legends)

RUNNING ORDER-saturday 26th:

-17.00: FUNEST (Italia/Death Metal)
-17.45: GRAVESITE (Italia/Death Metal)
-18.30: PRION (Argentina/Brutal-Death Metal)
-19.15: BLACK OATH (Italia/Occult Doom Rock)
-20.15: MEFITIC (Italia/Black-Death Metal - DATA ESCLUSIVA 2015)
-21.15: NATRON (Italia/Brutal-Death Metal)
-22.15: AOSOTH (Francia/Black Metal)
-23.15: AVULSED (Spagna/Death Metal)
-00.15: DEAD CONGREGATION (Grecia/the new Gods of Death Metal)

More info at this link!

Nevermind the Bollocks, here's Abbath live video of the new track Fenrir Hunts!

After his freaky and funny trip around London, our cutest frontman Abbath has released a live video of the new track Fenrir Hunts taken from his solo debut album which will be released by the French label Season Of Mist.

Meanwhile his ex-best friends Demonaz and Horgh seriously hope that he and the other members got the trots for eating too much fish and chips during the week.

Taken from Abbath's Facebook page.

Regarde Les Hommes Tomber released the lyric video of the track "Sheep Among the Wolves"!

Regarde Les Hommes Tomber have recently released their second album Exile this week by Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Productions - as previously announced here.

Below you can watch the lyric video of the track Sheep Among the Wolves:

Moreover you can listen to the new album in its entirety on Bandcamp.

Amorphis new clip "Death of a King" is now available!

Finns Amorphis have recently released their latest album Under the Red Cloud, published by the well-known German label Nuclear Blast.
Below you can watch the new video clip of the track Death Of a King:

Kampfar's first track taken from the upcoming album "Profan" is now available!

After Djevelmakt released last year, Norwegians masters Kampfar will return with another eagerly-awaited album called Profan, which will come out by Indie Recordings in November!

If you can't wait for it (like me), well listen to the first track Icons below:

One word only: HELVETEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


Polish black metal Medico Peste returns with a new album for next year!

Medico Peste is a black metal project from Poland - like other demonic presences such as Cultes des Ghoules, Mgla and Bestial Raids.

The band will return in scene with their second album, after their last one called א: Tremendum et Fascinatio released three years ago.
But this upcoming one will take the light the next year, so to break the waiting, check the clip of the track Thanksgiving below.

INTRODUCE THEMSELVES: O, the insustainable lightness of the void.

O, or "circle sign", is a post-hardcore band, with black metal and crust influences, from Biella in Piedmont.

O - taken from their Facebook page

This is an interesting group since their last album Il Vuoto Perfetto embodies the "perfect" atmosphere of misanthropy and pessimism - as their rock/blues colleagues Bachi da Pietra (another really good band that I will introduce sooner).

This year they will release the second album Pietra in October by Grindpromotion Records.
Meanwhile you can listen to the entire Il Vuoto Perfetto below:

Useful links:

- Facebook
- Bandcamp

Darkthrone are ready for coming back with another new album!

Did you think that with The Underground Resistance was the end?
Well, it's not so.

Our black metal knights Fenriz and Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone are ready for coming back with a brand new album! Indeed the band announced that they finished half of the record at necrohell 2 studio...

Waiting for another speedy beast!

The one man band Thy Catafalque streams another track from his upcoming album!

After streaming Alföldi kozmosz, the Hungarian one man project Thy Catafalque posts another track from his new album Sgùrr, which will be released by the French label Season Of Mist the 16th October.

The track below is entitled Jura and you can listen it on Soundcloud:

Swallow the Sun share the dates of their European tour! And they will be in Italy for one gig!!!

To celebrate the first day of Autumn, I would like to share with you another great news!

Indeed after unveiled the first details of their upcoming (triple) album - at this link, Swallow the Sun post all dates of their tour in Europe, and they will also play, together with Wolfheart, in Italy at Circolo Colony Thursday 10th December!!!

Below you got the flyer of the entire tour, here instead the link of the event on Facebook!

More juicy info soon...


INTRODUCE THEMSELVES: Grime, beyond the Italian filth.

Grime is an Italian sludge/doom project from Trieste, which arrived at their second album Circle of Molesters this year.
The group play a heavy and rough type of sludge, which recalls to Eyehategod, Cough and Meth Drinker.

Circle of Molesters was released by Argento Records this first of September and you can listen it below:

A split album between Horna and Acherontas is out now!

Horna and Acherontas reunite their (dark-side) forces to release a split album entitled Atavistic Resurgence by W.T.C. Productions.

The split is streaming on Bandcamp at this link.

A brand new track from Corrections House's upcoming album is out now!

Corrections House is the side-project of some freaky members such as Mike IX Williams from Eyehategod and Scott Kelly from Neurosis.

Their last album Last City Zero was released in 2013, and now the group returns with a new one entitled Know How to Carry a Whip by Neurot Recordings the 23rd October.

You can have an idea of the sound listening to the track White Man's Gonna Lose below:


French martial industrial Dernière Volonté will play in Italy for two gigs!

I'm not just a big fan of heavy metal or extreme music, I'm first of these genre a lover of martial industrial scene.
So I would like to promote these events: Geoffry D.'s project Dernière Volonté will play in Italy for two dates, precisely in Bologna and Turin.

There are no further information about the shows at the moment, but stay tune for any updating by Darkitalia!

ven 20/11/2015 Dernière Volonté @ TBA (Bologna)
sab 21/11/2015 Dernière Volonté @ Cafè Liber (Torino)

All details about the most industrial event in Italy: MZ.412 FOR ONE DATE ONLY!

The industrial and black metal project of Nordvagr, aka Mz. 412, will play for one date only in Italy at X CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE, promoted by the Italian label Old Europa Cafè, at Club Kindergarten in Bologna the 31st October - this will be a scary and good Halloween kids...

Together with him will play other artists such as the Swedes Trepaneringsritualen, Le Cose Bianche + SShe Retina Stimulans and Satanismo Calibro 9.

All details about the event are at this link.

See you in hell.


Let's discover the first details about Swallow The Sun TRIPLE release!

It's a little bit strange hearing about Swallow the Sun's new album will be a TRIPLE (!) release, considering that three parts for a concept it's hard as challenge.
But, since the release has not been released yet, let's take a look to the first details about it (or them)!

Songs from the North I, II, III will take the light by Century Media the 13th November, and from the label's statement the last part will sound a little more funeral instead of the others.

Here are the tracklists and the different artworks below:

Songs from the North pt. I:

1. With You Came the Whole of the World's Tears
2. 10 Silver Bullets
3. Rooms and Shadows
4. Heartstrings Shattering
5. Silhouettes
6. The Memory of Light
7. Lost & Catatonic
8. From Happiness to Dust

Songs from the North pt. II:

1. The Womb of Winter
2. The Heart of a Cold White Land
3. Away
4. Pray for the Winds to Come
5. Songs from the North
6. 66°50´N,28°40´E
7. Autumn Fire
8. Before the Summer Dies

Songs from the North pt. III:

1. The Gathering of Black Moths
2. 7 Hours Late
3. Empires of Loneliness
4. Abandoned by the Light
5. The Clouds Prepare for Battle

Wow, that's will be a really good challenge...

Saturnus will play for two dates in Brescia and Turin!

Danish doom/death metal band Saturnus is running in Europe for its tournée together with Autumnal and Helevorn. So, since they are coming also for a gig in Italy, I would like to remember that they will play at Circolo Colony in Brescia (this Saturday!) and at Padiglione 14 in Turin the next day!

So, let's prepare yourself, autumn and cold are coming...

Check the Facebook events here and here.

Moonspell streams the video of the track Domina!

Moonspell stream their new video in studio of the track Domina, taken from their latest album Extinct released by Napalm Records in March.

You can watch the video below and, since I don't want to miss nothing to you, I would like to remember that the group is touring around Europe with Dagoba and Jared Star, with also a date in Italy at Circolo Colony the 18th of November.

Check the Facebook event at this link.

Bolt Thrower's drummer Martin "Kiddie" Kearns has passed away.

This is not a good news for death metal lovers.
Unfortunately through the Black Conjuration Fest's statement on Facebook we know that the drummer Martin "Kiddie" Kearns of Bolt Thrower has recently passed away unexpectedly this Monday - 14th September.

He was 38 years and passed peacefully in sleep.

Here's the band's statement:

R.I.P. Martin, everywhere you are.

(07/03/1977 - 14/09/2015)

Listen to the first track taken from Eis' new album Bannstein!

Black metal band from Germany, Eis will release the new album, Bannstein, by Prophecy Records/Lupus Lounge the 2nd October.

The album was recorded and produced by Markus "Schwadorf" Stock (Empyrium, Ewigheim, The Vision Bleak) and below you can listen the first extract Uber den Bannstein.

AEvangelist will (again) destroy your hears with the second track from the new Enthrall to the Void of Bliss!

20 Buck Spin. will release the upcoming AEvangelist's abomination called Enthrall To the Void of Bliss the 23th October in Europe, one year after the last Writhes in the Murk.

Firstly the band streamed the track Levitating Stones here, now, since YOU love ugly, bad and satanic music, let's check the second preview Gatekeeper's Scroll below!

First track on preview from new Panopticon's Autumn Eternal!

Panopticon is one of the most representative atmospheric black/folk solo project in U.S. .
After the release of Roads To The North last year, Austin Lunn returns to his Kentucky landscapes to create his upcoming album, entitled Autumn Eternal, by Nordvis/Bindrune Recordings the 16th October.

No least, you can foretaste the titletrack at this link.


Revenge streamed the first track from their upcoming album!

The Canadian black/death group Revenge streamed the first track of their new album Behold. Total. Rejection., entitled Wolf Slave Protocol (Choose Your Side), which will be released by the French label Season Of Mist the 13th of November!

Revenge logo

P.S.: thank you very much Season Of Mist! MERCI BEAUCOUP!

Link taken from Friedhof Magazine.

Taake's complete European tour dates! (and two gigs in Italy!)

Taake will overrun Europe (for the umpteenth time) for his Stridens Hus Tour 2015, even in Italy for two dates, precisely Brescia and Bologna.

The project will play together with other band from Dark Essence's roster such as Orkan and Krakow.
In addition to the flyer with the complete gigs, take a look to the Italian events on Facebook below.

1) Alchemica Lab, Bologna
2) Circolo Colony, Brescia

Regarde Les Hommes Tomber streamed the new track A Sheep Among the Wolves!

French group from Nantes Regarde Les Hommes Tomber streamed a new track from their upcoming album Exile, which will be released by Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions exactly this Saturday!

If you want to know more about this release, take a look to the tracklist below:

1. L'Exil
2. A Sheep Among the Wolves
3. Embrace the Flames
4. They Came...
5. ...To Take Us
6. Thou Shall Lie Down
7. The Incandescent March

Deafheaven streamed a new track from the upcoming New Bermuda!

Deafheaven comes back with a brand new album, New Bermuda, which will be released by Anti-Records the 2nd October.

It passed two years after the last album of the band, Sunbather, and now we're curious about this upcoming one (and fortunately nothing pink on the cover)
So, check the track Come Back below: