Today is the day: BRIXIA DEATH FEST will destroy Brescia tonight!

Tonight prepare yourselves for the second edition of BRIXIA DEATH FEST, one of the most brutal, extreme and long-awaited event which will take place at Circolo Colony, Brescia!

Well, below you have the running order and the names of the bands who will play at the two events, among of them Slaughtbbath, AosothAvulsed and Dead Congregation!

RUNNING ORDER-friday 25th:

-18.30: VIOLENTOR (Italia/Speed Metal)
-19.15: TURBOCHARGED (Svezia/Death-Punk)
-20.00: RITUALIZATION (Francia/fast Death-Black Metal)
-21.00: SLAUGHTBBATH (Cile/Black-Death Metal)
-22.00: DIABOLICAL MESSIAH (Cile/Black-Death Metal)
-23.00: DETERIOROT (USA/Death Metal legends)
-00.00: ATOMIC AGGRESSOR (Cile/Thrash-Death Metal legends)

RUNNING ORDER-saturday 26th:

-17.00: FUNEST (Italia/Death Metal)
-17.45: GRAVESITE (Italia/Death Metal)
-18.30: PRION (Argentina/Brutal-Death Metal)
-19.15: BLACK OATH (Italia/Occult Doom Rock)
-20.15: MEFITIC (Italia/Black-Death Metal - DATA ESCLUSIVA 2015)
-21.15: NATRON (Italia/Brutal-Death Metal)
-22.15: AOSOTH (Francia/Black Metal)
-23.15: AVULSED (Spagna/Death Metal)
-00.15: DEAD CONGREGATION (Grecia/the new Gods of Death Metal)

More info at this link!