INTRODUCE THEMSELVES: Blaze of Sorrow, echoes from the north...

Blaze of Sorrow is an Italian black metal project with neofolk influences from Mantua ("Mantua me genit...", Virgilio), Lombardy.
The duo is formed by P. and N. and released three albums, recently the full-lenght Eremita del Fuoco, and an EP.

The most representative full-lenght of their discography is undoubtly Echi produced and released in 2012. The album characterizes the style of the band through the screams of black metal and softly but apocalyptic shades of natural neofolk school, such as EmpyriumDeath In June and Dornenreich.

The band has recently published the new album Eremita del Fuoco by Sun & Moon Records, which can be listened through their Bancamp's profile and through Youtube below: