SWALLOW THE SUN present the official video of "Rooms and Shadows"!

To celebrate the release of their long-awaited triple album Songs from the North I, II, III, Swallow the Sun have recently presented the official video of Rooms and Shadows, directed by Vesa Ranta.

Remember that the band will play at Circolo Colony (Brescia) the 10th of December!
Info at this link.

HELHEIM reveal the first track of their upcoming album!

After shared with you the details of the new album right here, Norwegian viking/black band Helheim revealed the titletrack called raunijaR, which can be listened to the player below.

Helheim's new album will be released the 4th December by the label Dark Essence Records.

Sad news for MOTORHEAD: the legendary drummer "Philty Animal" has passed away.

Sad news for metal world. 

As a matter of fact the legendary drummer of Motorhead Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor - who played with the band during the 70ies and the 80ies period, has passed away the night of 11th November.

Below there's the post on group's official Facebook page.

Lil' Philthy...he who once shouted 'stop wincing about' on an album...he who fueled many a young boy's punk/metal...
Posted by Official Motörhead on Giovedì 12 novembre 2015


Black'n'roll metal band MIDNIGHT will play for one gig in Italy!

Midnight in Brescia...
That's not the title of a Woody Allen's new film, but of an Italian live show with two black'n'roll metal bands.
Indeed Midnight and Heretic will play at Circolo Colony the 21st April of the next year!

Don't worry, there are more surprise to annouce! So stay tuned for further info...

Here, instead, the link on Facebook.


ABBATH revealed another song from his debut album.

22nd January is comin'... 
And the ex-guitarist and vocalist of Immortal Abbath has revealed another song from his debut album which will be release by Season Of Mist.

Below you can listen to Winter Bane.

Thanks to

Daniel Moilanen is KATATONIA new drummer!

Katatonia have announced through their official website that Daniel ’Mojjo’ Moilanen has officially become, as of today, the new permanent drummer, replacing Daniel Liljekvist parted away in 2014. 

Daniel Moilanen, who joins in bands like Runemagick, Heavydeath, is actually at Studio Gröndahl in Stockholm with the other members to record the new album!

More info comin' soon...

Meanwhile a track of Daniel's main project.

NORDJEVEL will release their debut album by Osmose Productions!

Nordjevel is a new black metal band from Norway, found by Nord (Svartelder, Doedsvangr) and Djevel (Fatal Impact, Tvangeste, Byrdi), which will release their sel-titled debut album via Osmose Productions the end of January. 
In addition to the line-up will play Fredrik Widigs, drummer of Marduk and Rage Nucléaire

Below you find the artwork with the tracklist and the preview of the song Denne Tidløse Krigsdom

01. The Shadows Of Morbid Hunger (featuring Nagash)
02. Sing For Devastation 
03. Djevelen I Nord 
04. The Funeral Smell 
05. Denne Tidløse Krigsdom 
06. Blood Horns 
07. Det Ror Og Ror 08. Når Noen Andre Dør... 
09. Norges Sorte Himmel (featuring a guitar solo by Archaon and vocals by Nagash
10. Raining Blood (Slayer Cover) - bonustrack only in digipack and vinyl edition

MANEGARM released the lyric video of "Blodorn"!

Sewdish pagan/folk band Månegarm has published another lyric video of the track Blodörn, which will appear in their new self-titled album the 20th November by Napalm Records.


MOONSORROW finished the recording sessions of their new album!

Finnish pagan pioneers Moonsorrow have finally completed the recording sessions of their upcoming album, which will follow-up Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa published by Spinefarm Records in 2011.

The recordings have been realized at Mika Jussila's Finnvox Studios and now we're waiting for some other news... Stay tuned!


KAMPFAR stream their new album "Profan"!

Our great band from Norway Kampfar has recently streamed the new album Profan in its entirety!
I don't want to spoil anything, so pick up your ears and just listen to it, LITTLE RATS!

The album will be available the 13th November by Indie Recordings.

MISTUR recently inked by Dark Essence Records.

Mistur is a viking/black metal project from Norway, which has recently inked by Dark Essence Records for the release of their second album due to next spring, after Attende of 2009 via Einheit Produktionen.

We're waiting for more info...
Meanwhile you can listen to a track taken from the first album:

IMAGES AT TWILIGHT will release the first album by Indie Recordings!

Images At Twilight is a new orchestral black metal band from Norway, which will published their first album Kings at the end of the month via Indie Recordings

Bellow you can find the tracklist and the artwork, and the preview of the first track Lograttin Part I

01. Lograttin Part I (The Saga Of The Ancient Warlords Chapter III) 
02. Ninhagaz (The End Of An Era Chapter I) 
03. Lograttin Part II (TSOTAW Chapter IV) 
04. Created To Destroy (TSOTAW Chapter V) 
05. Awazor (TSOTAW Chapter I) 
06. Kaizanbar (TEOAE Chapter II) 
07. Zatholach (TSOTAW Chapter II) 
08. Awakening Of The Stars (TEOAE Chapter III)


Details of DERNIERE VOLONTE's gig at Cafè Liber, Turin!

Darkitalia - Webzine & Booking is proudly to announce the details of Dernière Volonté gig in Italy, which will take place at Cafè Liber, Turin, the 21st November.

Open act: The Basement.
More info at this link on Facebook.

Préparez-vous aux armes!

First details about FRANGAR's forthcoming album!

After the release of Bulloni Granate Bastoni in 2011, our Italian black'n'roll band from Novara (Piedmont) Frangar has recently revealed the first details about the upcoming album called Trincerocrazia, which will be released by Darker than Black Records sooner.

Meanwhile you can enjoy the nine songs which will compose the tracklist and the artwork below:

01 Italia Suprema Assoluta 
02 Fare Quadrato (S.P.Q.R.) 
03 Al Cielo 04 Martello 
05 Trucidata 
06 Alba 
07 Bombe Sopra A Gorla 
08 Artigliere Alpino 
09 Rivolta - Revuelta

More info also from the LIVE front comin' soon...


DODSFERD will release their forsthcoming album "Wastes of Life" in November.

The black metal band from Greece Dodsferd will release their ninth album Wastes of Life the 20th November via Moribund Records.

Artwork by Nikos Stavridakis / VisionBlack, moreover you can listen to the track The Dead Have No Speech For... below the tracklist.

01. Wastes of Life 
02. Sterile Death, Without Mourning 
03. The Dead Have No Speech For... 
04. To the Fall of Man 
05. Graves of Your Creator

SWALLOW THE SUN revealed another lyric video of Songs from the North I, II & III.

Swallow the Sun have recently released another lyric video of their upcoming new triple album called Songs from the North I, II & III, which will be published the 13th November by Century Media.

The track is Abandoned By The Light, taken from the third part of the album.

SECRETS OF THE MOON revealed the opening-track "No More Colours"!

Secrets Of the Moon will release their upcoming album SUN by Prophecy Records/Lupus Lounge in December - all details here.
Below you can listen to the preview of the opening-track No More Colours.



This is the 1st of November, All Saint's Day - or Samhain in pagan/Gaelic culture. One of the useless religious festivals in which people celebrate all Hallows, trying to not screw their names just for a day. But since I'm not religious, moreover a believer, as every end of the week I share with you my latest listenings:

I) Kroda - Navij Skhron, Purify Through Fire

This is a prolific year for the Ukrainian "evil" black metal band Kroda.
After the release of GinnungaGap​ GinnungaGaldr​ ​GinnungaKaos, Kroda retry to strike their fans with an unusual release. Indeed Navij Skhron is composed of six ambient tracks, which strongly reminds of natural landscapes, I supposed to the Carpathians, and of three pure black metal dirt, such as the cover/tribute of the main Ukrainian group Nokturnal Mortum.

You can listen to the album on their Bandcamp profile at this link.

II) Invoker - Aeon, Non Serviam Records

The Germans Invoker, after the release of A New Age of 2013, come back with Aeon by Non Serviam Records. Generally the album is good in terms of quality, perhaps more mature than the first one.
A well combination of deep and cavernous growl with obscure passages. 

III) Havukruunu - Havulinnaan, Naturmacht Productions

Havukruunu is a new band from the cold Finland. The duo has recently released the first album Havulinnaan, which describes the main theme of the group: a pagan black metal related to finnish folklore, enriched with intense rituals and great guitar riffs.

IV) Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat - To Live Vicariously, 9000 Records/CONSOULING SOUNDS

Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat was a dark/neo-folk project from Ghent, Belgium. I have used the past tense since the project turns into a sort of '80s electronic-pop genre from the release of Weltuntergangsstimmung of 2012. With the last To Live Vicariously Kiss the Anus... signs the end of neo-folk/dark period, with a little bit of bitterness for some, and curiosity for other.