IMAGES AT TWILIGHT will release the first album by Indie Recordings!

Images At Twilight is a new orchestral black metal band from Norway, which will published their first album Kings at the end of the month via Indie Recordings

Bellow you can find the tracklist and the artwork, and the preview of the first track Lograttin Part I

01. Lograttin Part I (The Saga Of The Ancient Warlords Chapter III) 
02. Ninhagaz (The End Of An Era Chapter I) 
03. Lograttin Part II (TSOTAW Chapter IV) 
04. Created To Destroy (TSOTAW Chapter V) 
05. Awazor (TSOTAW Chapter I) 
06. Kaizanbar (TEOAE Chapter II) 
07. Zatholach (TSOTAW Chapter II) 
08. Awakening Of The Stars (TEOAE Chapter III)